What the wocka, PIP Sonora? A summer to remember

26 Aug
I love that movie!

I love that movie!

This is probably my most controversial post ever. Last week were the appointments for new contract in Elementary school, and preschool too, like every year…

Except, what a summer!

Taller de Fortalecimiento imagen

All started in June. Previous years, you had to hand in a form containing your continuation in the program and wiliness to change school with principal’s signature and school’s stamp. During the workshop at the end of the school year (still June), in the attendance sheet next to the attendees name, there was a small check box to state the continuation. That was all!

Aviso Encuesta imagen

July started and we received the announcement to complete a survey about our coordinators. All around Facebook, peers discussed the topic in length… some didn’t like the idea at all because there was no anonymity since you sign the survey with your email address. Some did appreciate the idea of being really listened about the issues with the coordinators.


The summer went by uneventful except for paycheck day at July 12. FIRST TIME EVER!!! We received with glee the paycheck for the month of July and with the promise of August in December  like X-mas bonus.

Requisitos Re-Contratación imagen

Two weeks went  by in a/c peace and quiet. And in July 26 another announcement… We needed to get 3 requirements for next new contract: health checkup ($75) , no criminal records ($104), and a new one: no bad public server record ($260) . Total spent: $439 + gas money + husband getting dehydrated in the car waiting for me due to no parking space = priceless.

Asignaciones 2013-2014FInally, august started and winds of new school year blew by, in August 8, the expected day arrived: the dates for new contract were available. 3 days for the 200 teachers (more or less) in Hermosillo. For the first time ever, I was appointed to the second day. I am always in the top places in the ranking. The appointments don’t have any logic in the ranking. It’s not about seniority, alphabetical, or good performance.

Some peers immediately called the coordination to get an inside or a reason for such strange ranking. The answers shocked more than one and provoked multiple comments on Facebook (blessed it): new school for everybody.

Five years ago, the same thing happened. You got to choose the school available at the moment of your turn. I lost my school for 3 years. It was pretty much get in line and hope. I was hopeful and saw this as a new opportunity to get a school near my kids daycare or my new secondary. I even made a wishing list with school names, number of students, number of classroom, etc.


Over that weekend and week, Facebook comments were back and forth with rumors and news of peers who called or went to the coordination. Three things were definitely happening in Hermosillo:

  1. New school
  2. It wasn’t your choice
  3. More importantly some schools would be closed to EFL because some will increase in 1st and 2nd grade. Very big reorganization (Only happy news. I miss those cute small kids)

One friend told that the coordination told him/her that we could SWITCH between two peers two schools if it was beneficial to both as long it wasn’t their previous school.

So the days arrived (August 20-22), I was there the first day, although my date was the following day. (Just to gossip) Most of my peers came out half-happy. They were moved to a different school near their previous one. A few stayed in their same schools because they worked in the country side. Only a couple were truly happy because they wanted to change schools.

A meeting with the main chief was arranged to explain and express concerns that same first day. However, it was rescheduled to the end of the third day.

The next day arrived, my day. I was half nervous like everybody: I needed to get near to my new secondary or get a sabbatical year. That was my plan.

They called my name and I sat. I was already assigned to the same school that a good friend, out of my zone and far from my new secondary and daycare. I explained my situation. I was very lucky that day because there was an opening in the new zone and with 1st and 2nd grade, next to the secondary. It all fell into place. Ufff!

I went to my former school to say goodbye and pack my office (only one year of usage)… I was sad but I needed to change.


What about the teachers who were in total bliss in their schools for years? Some had 7-8 years in the same schools. Some had their kids in the same school, or it was easy to access to it by bus or walking distance. Some got very far away schools. Some were split in two schools, and so on. The list of issues is endless.

2013-08-23 17.00.22

On Thursday at 5 pm, the meeting with the main chief of us was scheduled in a NEUTRAL place: a square in downtown. Our chief listened our concerns, situations and gave some explanations and promises: We would return to our old schools next school year (Myself and others don’t believe it), and teachers who wanted to check options to make changes on Tuesday.

These previous weeks have been stressful to no measure. This week we relax. We go to our new schools or go to make changes. We prepare to start new school year on Monday September 2nd.

All we can do is hope and work together to improve our working situation. Let’s hope we get paid soon or we will raise again. Unity is force!

Tuesday, August 27 update: Yesterday, I went to the coordination to hand out some papers and there were plenty of friends trying to change schools.

Also yesterday, a friend posted on Facebook that the new principal at the new school wouldn’t sign the papers because he/she didn’t approve her/him and wanted the old teacher back. That really happened to several friends actually… that’s another issue, both teacher and principal didn’t want any changes. Then WHY DO IT?

Today, I found out that there wouldn’t be more changes for now. Probably, the main office didn’t expect so many of us and got overloaded. Then again WHY MAKE CHANGES IN THE FIRST PLACE?


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2 responses to “What the wocka, PIP Sonora? A summer to remember

  1. Ed To

    August 26, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    Dearest Teacher. I hear your complaints but over them I can see a good strong heart that inspires me. You really give us a humorous photograph of the situation, that I enjoy and truly appreciate. However, I also see lots of reorganization happening to the schools in Hermosillo which I find terrifying, I can´t see myself waiting for almost the start of classes to learn where I´ll be teaching or even when I´ll get paid. The development of working groups is very delicate and needs strong leadership, and a feeling of steadiness from where to build to make the groups more solid in their performance. All that murkiness causes dismay and disbelieve among the groups. I only hope you can survive all of this, we need you, and your dehydrated husband as well!
    Be well!

    • Teacher Ale

      August 26, 2013 at 2:44 pm

      Thank you for your best wishes… it has been stressful. I payed a visit to the main office to finds lots of friends trying to makes changes because they aren’t happy with the new school.


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