Concurso Alianza 2013

16 Aug

Last year, I didn’t do the test. I decided to go on vacation. Lovely Queretaro.

This year, I did. I got 4th place in the whole state for old teachers (79 teachers did it too).  HURRAY!!!


What about PNIEB? Another year has gone by and the permanent post is only available in DF.


The requirements are for both old and new teachers and… there are totally easy to obtain, pretty much all public elementary school english teachers can fulfill those requirements here in Sonora.


Pretty much, all goes to English and Elementary. I am not kidding there weren’t for other subjects and levels.  Hundred of  lucky elementary school will have a brand new EFL teacher this August.


It’s the same thing for old teachers. Poor math and other teachers, no more hours for you! That’s a lot. In summary, a thousand schools will have EFL teachers forever.

For more info, the state public announcement for new teachers and old teachers in DF.

Meanwhile in Sonora

There are only one option for EFL teacher and…  it’s Secondary both for new teachers and old teachers.


The new guys must be from teaching school from the government. There is no room for good teachers from other teaching training programs in universities.


However, once you are in, you only can get more (That’s my situation).


There are  only 368 hours to divide in all the subjects… it’ s not looking good for the new teachers.


466 hours for all old teachers in Math, Spanish, English, Science, etc.

For more info of the public announcement for new teachers and old teachers in Sonora.

Options for good EFL teachers

For new teachers:

  • 12 hours in Benito Juarez
  • 12 in Puerto Peñasco
  • 12 in San Ignacio Rio Muerto
  • 12 and 15 in Esqueda
  • 21 in Magdalena

Total: 69 hours

For old teachers:

  • 9 hours in Pitiquito
  • 15 in Puerto Peñasco
  • 12 in San Ignacio Rio Muerto
  • 12 in San Luis Rio Colorado
  • 15 and 18 in Sonoyta
  • 9 in Hermosillo

Total: 90 hours


This is the last year of this way to obtain more working and financial stability. It’s already on the news and this contest as it is, has been axed. Probably, there will be another test or way next year with a different name. I hope it’s similar and it will give oportunities for non-Normal teachers and EFL in elementary schools.

Now, the awesome news: I got the 9 hours in Hermosillo!

More complains and info about the topic, check last year posts right here…


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2 responses to “Concurso Alianza 2013

  1. Ed To

    August 16, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    Hi: First of all. congratulations on your 4th place, I got 43 in Distrito Federal. I am concerned by the situation that you have only 9 hours, 3 groups-week of acceptable work! It´s so sad. I feel content, not happy, that I have 15 hours. I´m committed to my school and my students, but still, I hold other two posts in addition to this one to make ends meet.
    Where is the investment in education? In all the country, of all the teachers that took the Alianza, the last edition of Alianza, 9 out of every 10 teachers in the final prelation lists around the country today don´t have jobs, there was not a plaza for them! Qualified and certified teachers! So before we can get more ours, many teachers are waiting to get a post.

    I bid you cheers and hope the situation improves for all… fast. : )

    This year, I´ll be teaching 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd grades and you?

    • Teacher Ale

      August 16, 2013 at 8:32 pm

      Still don’t know… in Secondary, there is a big struggle with the schedules, so far 2nd… in elementary, I will be assigned this week, but I have taught from 3rd to 6th


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