Ideas about bullying

05 Jun

This is an easy two-three session topic to talk about bullying.

I took the information from  I just can’t find the exact link again or it’s broken. It’s something I found last year. Sorry, I don’t have the answers for true or false.


I made a bully printable and the students:

  1. get one piece in English or Spanish big strips
  2. then find their partner with the translation piece
  3. in the chart, they write the spanish section by one of them dictating it to the whole class
  4. after that we work if the ideas are true or false using the chart, this is the time and place for discussion on the topic
  5. finally, they choose a idea and make a poster in a sheet of paper.


I used it for my 6th graders and it wasn’t that bad. At least, there was some discussion about the ideas.


The best poster for me. It really portray the idea. I just love this one.

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