E-readers, just thoughts

03 Jun

E-readers and e-books are the trend that is changing our reader lives.

All started before the millennium with a device called Rocket eBook, which didn’t work as it was supposed to. HOWEVER, the true media frenzy started only a couple of years ago in 2007 with the release of 1st Generation Amazon Kindle and Sony PSR-500 (this model was originally released in 2006)

From that moment the literacy industry has changed.

Some are pro-gadget to save trees, easy readings storage and easier dictionary usage. (I have half a gigabyte in ebooks… enough to read a lifetime)

Some are against since nothing changes the feel of book weight, the sound of pages turning and the smell of a brand new and hardly anticipated book. I remember that when my Harry Potter set arrived from Uk (Adult cover from Bloomsbury). Total bliss!

I read both ways. I had my Kindle 3rd generation and now own my Nook Tablet, and I read my beloved books in printed edition.

The awesome blog Tiny Text posted about a Bookless Library. Read about it in here.

I won’t deny the advantages that e-readers have for education.

An organization named Worldreader is giving e-readers loaded with textbooks and literature books to improve learning in Africa

If you are thinking to buy an e-reader, go with e-ink for two reasons:

  1. Tablets, smartphones and apple products are a distraction. Are you going to read a book when you can play Angry Birds or watch videos on Youtube?
  2. E-ink is cheaper and trust you are going to read with it… I love my nook but I used more for Internet and blogging that reading.

I know you are probably thinking that a tablet is more productive that a e-ink reader. I don’t deny it, it has advantages.

HOWEVER, e-ink readers aren’t dead just yet. Check post Why E-Readers Aren’t Doomed

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