Spelling Bee Contest 2013 Results

30 May

This year, the Spelling Bee Contest took place during a whole week. Before, I have done only the written version (basically dictation) for one day.

We had been preparing for the contest since March slowly with 5 minute dictation and language games. Finally, when the time came, it went smoothly. The schedule was like this:

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were the eliminations for the Oral Contest – Everybody had three chances (one per day) to make points for the semifinals. The points were made for each well spelled word.  For example: l-i-o-n was 4 points and g-r-a-p-e was 5 points. The top 3 (more points) passed to the semifinals.
  • Thursday was the group Written Test – I dictated words to each group. The group with the best average won.
  • Friday – Semifinals and finals for Oral Contest – This day felt like forever. All semifinals did give their best. The final 2 were on sudden death for 20 words and none made a mistake.

Winners, diplomas and awards.


My bulletin board with the names of the 24 semifinalists

I love my bulletin board… I forgot to add the 2013. I was thinking to store it for next year but I started pasting the names and… well, I looks nicer this way. I add in the middle the top 3.

3rd place Oral Contest for 6th grade

3rd place Oral Contest goes for 6th grade

I was totally huge. 9 days from the birth of my daughter. Yes, that’s not clothes’ effect.


2nd place Oral Contest goes also to 6th grade… She was in costume to perform

The diplomas were handed out during the Children’s Day Festival held on Friday, May 3. Kids who wanted to do an act did it. It was awesome. There are some really talented kids.


1st place Oral Contest and Winner of USB flash drive

To make it more appealing, for first place in Oral Contest , I gave the winner to choose the prize: the USB flash drive, $100 amigo kit cellphone card, a ball, a set of paints or tickets to the movies.


Accepting the Group Diploma, the main teacher

The best group with the best average of the Written Contest (pretty much a dictation) were 5B which happens to be last year winners, so 2 years in a roll. They are really good. Their choices of prize were: a ball, chocolates or ice cream for children’s’ Day party. They chose cookies and cream ice cream which they devoured (no picture, I was serving).


Group teachers dressed for the festival

I didn’t dress up like them because I took pictures… well, I was already a pinata.

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