Grad school for EFL/ESL teachers… Sonora and beyond

20 May

ba grad

I have already 6 years out of the B.A. So, it’s now time to get back to school for more that a small one day or month training course.

For someone living in Sonora, the options are very limited.

You can do the general in Education in pretty much everywhere (tons of public school teachers do it)

The other option is to find something related to your field (ESL/EFL, foreign languages or applied linguistics), which means to move to other state for 2 years. It’s a really difficult thing to do with children.


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2 responses to “Grad school for EFL/ESL teachers… Sonora and beyond

  1. luz elena

    May 20, 2013 at 3:09 pm

    do you know anything on line, but for a Licenciatura but for teaching English.

    I am from Baja california.

  2. Ed To

    May 20, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    I´m very impressed at how efficient and how enthusiast you are. And I do agree with you that after 6 years some kind of closure comes as next step. Also having a family creates different, new, unforeseen needs to be met. Have you consider the universities in Arizona or New Mexico? You might be able to study online and still be close enough to have face to face instruction. Have you consider something totally different like something artistic like music, painting or sculpture or something to do with communication, writing or editing? Still, this is a time for big dreams and equally big decisions. I´m sure you and your family will find something that takes you right up to the next level. Be Well!


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