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15 May


I have already tried it and it’s really helpful to make mind maps: easy, online and free.

Check my post about it: Mind Maps

Technology in the Classroom


I remember when Inspiration and mind mapping was the beez-neezs. It was smartly devised and it worked pretty darn well but it was expensive (still is). I first encountered Inspiration in university and have seen it popping up here and there ever since. Now, even though Inspiration is still available ($59.00 for a single license) and it still works it is definitely not worth the price.

So what happened? Is it lousy now? I haven’t used the latest version but I hear it still works pretty well. Does it lack in features? Not from what I understand. So what’s the dealee-oh? The problem is there are plenty of online FREE options and I’m going to be talking about one of them today – so click on past the break to see all the mind mapping goodness . . . for free!

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Posted by on May 15, 2013 in 3rd cycle, 4th cycle


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    May 15, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    Me hubiera encantado conocerte personalmente hoy, pero me entere que acabas de dar a luz, me da mucho guato saber que todo esta muy bien, felicidades y gracias por todo tu apoyo. Oli



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