30 Sensory Bin Activities for Kids…A Small Potatoes Sensory Round-Up!

03 May


Small Potatoes

“Memories establish the past; senses perceive the present; imaginations shape the future.”  ~Toba Beta

The smalls love sensory play. It’s a fact. And why not? Through their senses, is how they learn. If children can see, touch, smell, listen, and sometimes even taste their play activities, just think of the information they will process. Experimenting, thinking, practicing small-motor and cognitive skills, learning cause and effect, honing their imaginations…all of this is done during sensory play. All of these reasons, plus the fun factor, is why we love sensory play so much here at Small Potatoes.

I decided it was time to put all our sensory activities in one place so you can find what you’re looking for without going on a serious hunting expedition!

This round-up is seriously easy to navigate. There are 3 categories…Toddler/Babies, Messy Play, and Preschool/Kindergarten. Each photo will have a link beneath…

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