School cafeterias

24 Apr

Right now, eating habits is very important in education, especially in our country. According to statistics, Mexico is the second highest national rate of obesity in the world (after the U.S.) and the fourth highest rate of childhood obesity.

Last year during the Week of World Food Day (October 16), I took a stand and gave a lecture about childhood obesity. I used as main topic School Cafeterias both in Mexico and USA.

In Sonora (my state), there is a law to prohibit the selling of junk food in schools. In our country in general, it’s taking some measures like this article titled “Obesity: Mexico starts war against sugary drinks and fatty foods

For the lecture, I used this easy outline:

  1. I explained the meaning of the World Food Day.
  2. I showed extracts of the 2nd episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution that I found on Youtube.
  3. After each part, I gave a little explanation.
  4. I asked them to make a list of the differences and similitiaries between Mexican and American school cafeterias.
  5. After the lecture, some students shared with the class their experiences when they have lived or heard.

Jamie Oliver is a chef with tons of books and cooking tv show. Since a couple of years, he is making a huge stand to change the school cafeterias. His webpage has tons of information.

For my secondary students, I used information of Jamie Oliver’s poster to make a bulletin board for a Food Fair. I would love to show the pictures but I was sick the presentation day.


The information is here, and the poster is above.


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