22 Apr

For legends, stories and fairy tales, Shrek is the best example…

Why? I has special appearances of pretty much everybody in the known fictional children characters…. BUT only the movies.

In the original story, Shrek! by William Steig (RIP) is a not so different story: there is a donkey, a princess and that Shrek was horrible. It was wrote in 1990 and it’s a not-so-short picture book but quite entertainment.

For class:

  1. First I ask about the movie and the characters in it. (It’s an unending list, by the way)
  2. Then, I read the original story (brief and homemade edition – Printable here.). I found the original book Shrek! with the Copyright watermark in all pages.
  3. Next, we do a Venn diagram of the similitaries and differences.
  4. The rest is up to you…
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    April 22, 2013 at 6:51 pm


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