Heart Rally 2013

11 Mar


This is the final rally of this school year: HEART RALLY… Oh yeah!


The rally for the 6th graders. I was reluctant to do it because generally I am not fond of 6th graders. However, it was unfair not do it if I have done with the other grades.

Previously, the Pumpkin Rally for 3rd graders in October, the Turkey Rally for 4th graders in November, and the Snowflake Rally for 5th grades in January.


As the previous ones, the students were team up in 4s. They run, jump and other physical challanges from station to station.


In each station, they answered a question.

The best team had the most correct questions in minimum time.


I was disappointed a little. The teams were more preocupied to finish quicker that answering correctly. The best team won for 2 correct answers. when previous winner had 3 or 4 correct answers.



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