Snowflake Rally 2013

20 Feb
snow 01

Poster made by my assistant

This is the 3rd rally this 2012-2013 school year: October for 3rd graders and pumpkins to roll out of sight and in November for 4th grades and the turkeys to run wild.

This time, 5th graders are running or rolling for knowledge and glory.

snow 03

The track has a physical difficulty. In this section, they must run placing a foot inside the hulla hoop.

snow 02

The teams passed each station to answer a question of 5th grade ENLACE in Spanish, Math and Geography, and my subject English.

snow 04

Some questions were easier that others. snow 05The winner team did the most correct questions and the longer time. In case of tie, the less time is the best one.

snow 06

The winners of the day were the underdogs. I was soooo surprised, pretty much everybody too. It’s the typical team who nobody believes in them.


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