What is PNIEB?

18 Feb

After one year, I think is necessary to mention what is this thing that is changing my life and other English teachers working in public Mexican schools.

Well, it’s a new syllabus for the national basic public education system. That’s it as simple as that.

The idea is to improve the EFL in our students since preschool (5 years old) all the way to the end of secondary (15 years old). Currently, EFL is only mandatory during the 3 years of Secondary.

The idea is good. It’s giving employment to a lot of teachers and making our career a true profession. A lot of people think that any English speaker is an English teacher… yeah right! Teaching is soooo easy.

PNIEB started in 2009 in some schools around the country. It’s still in probation due to the lack of money, materials and teachers. Every state is trying to make their part but the picture doesn’t look good really.

My state teaches EFL around of 1/3 of the total students in elementary.

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One response to “What is PNIEB?

  1. peter sayer, San Antonio, Texas

    June 3, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    Thanks for sharing this blog – it’s a great collection of resources and information for PNIEB teachers. I’m glad to hear there are some smart and active people working with the PNIEB in Sonora (well, I already knew that, but good to see it here!). Cheers!


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