Make Your Content Relevant By Using Real Life Examples

04 Feb


Fishing For EdTech

Building meaningful relationships in the classroom by making your content relevant.

A major part of teaching deals with the connections that teachers and students make on a daily basis in the classroom. These connections can be referred to as relationships. Relationships can form based on many different classroom experiences and they usually end up with trust for the teacher/content or dislike for the teacher/content. A student can find a teacher funny, inspiring, motivating, encouraging, appealing, amusing or just good old interesting.

For this post I thought I would focus on the curriculum portion of relationships. There are many teachers out there that do an absolute outstanding job at formulating these meaningful relations with students that cause the learning environment to be a welcoming and effective one. This environment does not formulate just happen because the teacher is friendly, it happens because the teacher is relevant.

I have walked into so many…

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