Orozco Community Academy

01 Feb

Back in 2011, I visited this school among other Mexican Secondary teachers during a summer course in Chicago, Illinois.

The idea was to see the American school system and facilities.

I was totally mesmarized. The school has a population of 90% of latinamericans, most of them mexican born or mexican parents. Most of the kids are fluently bilingual.

The school cafeteria with murals of Mexican heritage… OMG!

The security is quite tight with metal detector, a police officer (no kidding!) and no-Converse policy. Supposedly, there is a gang code in the color you paint your converse shoes or something like that. This kid had a knife as a drill.

Brand-new Apple computer were installed in 2011. Totally envious.

Super-cool library with tons of books and dust-free.

Going up to the 2nd floor classrooms, we encountered with this project in the window. I don’t know which was the teaching objective but it look quite cool.

To make me drool even more, this school has a clinic for students and the community. So students don’t go home that easily like in here.

In Mexico, just a headache and someone call you mom to pick you up. Most school don’t have a school doctor or nurse.

Since it was summer, there weren’t a lot of kids. Except, for the summer school. This kids were from different schools in the districts. I just love what it says in the t-shirt.

Art project displays… it was so cute and dust-free.

Even though the community is mostly latina, this school paid tribute to Black History with this mural. Awesome!

The most terrible detail that this school has: IT’S a normal simple PUBLIC school!!!! ( big sarcasm sign)

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