Silent movies

30 Jan

I know I haven’t blogged about Secondary in a while… The school moved my schedule and it’s just weird, awkward and uncomfortable.

Well, the second project of the second unit is about making subtitles for a silent movie. The actual specific competency is Write dialogues and interventions for a silent short film.

Silent movies are the ones made before 1930’s. During the 1920’s were intents of combining sound and image in the same film but there were delays in sound. In 1927, The Jazz Singer was the first successful one.

The silent movies had live music: big orchestra in premieres and classy cinemas, and a piano is more popular cinemas.

I think this project is hard to convey if you don’t have a television or video projector in your school.

Tricky, tricky…

HOWEVER, if you have the technology, here are two links that I have used:

In 2011, the movie The Artist was an homage to this forgotten genre. It won several Oscars on 2012.

We watched a portion of the movie to point out the silent movie elements:

  • soundtrack (no lyrics included)
  • the live music on the cinemas
  • the dialogues in frame (not subtitles)
  • the exaggeration of emotions
  • the beginning of sound movies

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