The odyssey for free PNIEB textbooks

28 Jan

I don’t talk for the other states. I am just reporting the situation in my beloved Sonora…

Last year, I didn’t use a textbook because I still wasn’t fully incorporated in PNIEB. Well, that’s Ok. I managed it as well as I could. Some teacher friends did have textbooks and they were more or less.

Back in September I was so happy that finally I could have the textbooks and use them. However to my surprise, the textbooks weren’t due to arrive until November. Knowing the Mexican bureaucratic system that November truly meant December which ended in January. I know from a very good source that the textbooks were in the warehouse in October.

So I waited and continued working like usual, no textbooks.

This January started with some payment issues and some freezing days.

Finally, on Thursday 17th there was a post (in our official bulletin board and email) stating that the textbooks were ready to pick up (NO school delivery). Some friends went that same Thursday or the next day and they didn’t get the textbooks because the warehouse didn’t have the order to do so. Others did get the textbooks but there was an outdated list of materials and they got incomplete material. Some did just fine.

I sent my principal that Friday and he was sent back with empty hands…


That Monday 21st, there was a “new” post announcing to pick up the textbooks (only someone changed the date from Thursday to Monday). For the rest of the week, a lot of teachers have sent their principals to make the pick up or they have gone with the school stamp.

There has been a long line in the warehouse, a lot of incomplete packages or some got different publishers textbooks. Some were required to make a warehouse appointment.

Of course, there are some teachers that got everything right in time, amount and quality.

Until this day Monday, January 28th, 2013, I am still without the textbooks. I feel awkward to resend my principal for the textbooks and for him to return empty-handed. Hopefully, I will get them over this week…

Probably not, someone told me that the warehouse in under inspection, so next week

Probably I will post the experience with my textbooks as well as a very graphic and detail analysis of them.


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2 responses to “The odyssey for free PNIEB textbooks

  1. citlaivi1

    January 28, 2013 at 10:13 am

    In my case, (even if I am no longer a PNIEB teacher) I did receive the books in November but I started using them after the holidays. Howevers, I didn’t get the right amount of books, so I had to make photocopies and ask the guys to go get them made too. They didn’t send the CDs, so I emailed them asking them to do me a favor and give us more books and a CD at least, request to which they gave a YES, but they didn’t say WHEN 😦

  2. Helen

    February 8, 2013 at 6:12 am

    Due to mix up in textbook distributions I ended up with some boxes of second-grade textbooks, only books for fifth-graders of two groups, and the same for sixth-graders. I have 4 groups of each.. so I am still missing textbooks. Meanwhile they gave me a go at our office to use what I have, and try to make the best of it. It is indeed frustrating to work these books, it is not fair for the kids. In this age stage they play a lot, talk too much and sometimes they just are restless and don’t pay attention. Most of them don’t like to copy so much for English, and then there are some who ask for permission to go to the bathroom and never come back….. as for the books, I was told I have to wait for the next “round”… meaning I have to wait until everybody has their books….. and if there are any left, then I can request again…….


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