23 Jan

At almost a year blogging, I realized I haven’t post the most basic and easiest lesson: ABC.

It’s easier to Mexican because it’s the same alphabet and we have heard the song at least once in every preschool show on television.

Our students? Yes, they know the song but sometimes they cannot say the letter separated and randomly. That’s the tricky part.

For printables:

  • Folder ABC. You paste or staple on the folder for easier storage. (No cutting required)
  • Folder ABC version 2. As before, to be glued in a folder. Different pictures, the same as classroom ABC.
  • Classroom ABC I made a bilingual ABC for students to color and paste around the classroom.
  • 1/2 page ABC. The bilingual ABC but now 2 x 1 page. Cool pocket size!

For music (YOUTUBE is awesome and SCHOOLTUBE also):


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4 responses to “ABC

  1. Ed To

    February 24, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    Hi: In my school, we worked the past weeks with each group, there are four English teachers, and 22 groups. Then starting last week, we began the eliminations. Our classrooms average 3o Ss. We have the event this week, we have chosen three students from each group. Now we are practicing just with the Ss that will take part in the contest. We have them repeat the words, tell the meaning, spell racing (they spell the words as fast as they can to practice), a teacher reads the word or the spelling ans Ss must figure out the other. In short, we are having a ball. Best wishes for you.


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