Going old school… the power of OHP

17 Jan

Once upon a time, the overhead projector or OHP was (some still) in every school.

Nowadays, it hs been replaced by the video projector or vp due to its ability to display video and just hook it to the computer. If you want one (I do too), I recomend you Acer k11. Check that post.

I am old fashion and I was born and raise between the beginning of Internet and using a dictionary and going to the library… Yes, I watched Daria in my teenager years.

Sooo…. I know and use the OHP as well as the VP. I like both but I prefer the OHP for several reasons with I call:


  1. It’s cheaper.
  2. No need of computer, so less carrying.
  3. The lamp is cheaper to replace (I have to buy one a couple of years and it was $150 pesos).
  4. More lamp life hours and brighter light.
  5. You can store the transparencies for later use and make quick notes (there are transparencies markers)
  6. Shadow plays can be done for storytelling.
  7. I love the face of the students the first time they see it. Most don’t know about OHP.
  8. I found a couple of ideas to use it.

I have to say that there are DISADVANTAGES:

  1. Money spent on transparencies and copies. (Awful when you use the transparencies once)
  2. Unable to use for video, unless you hook it with a lcd screen (my husband did with his old laptop screen. We use it for movie nights at home)
  3. It’s a bit big.
  4. The light can blind you a bit when you are in a very dark room.
  5. The arm that holds the head can be damage with constant ups and downs.

You can make one like it says in this webpage. The only difficult thing is to find the magnifying lens.


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