Kids and tablets, ipad included briefly

30 Nov

Computer Technology is on us. We cannot deny it or fear it. It has become a part of us.

I love my full Hd tv, my xbox 360, my laptop (bit old but working), my cellphone (not smartphone) and of course my NOOK.

Since I bought my tablet in February, I confirm the new common saying “kids nowadays are born with the chip integrated”.

My boy was 2 1/2 years old back them and used my Nook like a pro (he still does and I am taking about a boy who still doesn’t talk like a pro).

The current trend is tablets for kids, mostly because the parents don’t wanna share (myself included) or are concerned for unauthorized purchases or explicit material.

There are a lot of options for very toy-like to very nicely design.

Christmas is coming, so this is the time to check them out.

  • Kurio Kids Tablet ($200 dlls approx). It looks great. I like the bumper protection, and the HDMI conection to plug it to the TV.

  • Meep ($150 dlls approx). I like the color. There are interesting accesories like a piano, drum set, microphone and others (sold separated). It looks like a great option.

  • Vince Tab II. ($200 dlls approx). Also a great idea, but I really don’t like the cover. I know it’s more practical for small kids to grab it, yet I don’t like it. The specs are great too.

  • Childpad ($140 dlls approx). It’s looks ok. It has good specs and it’s a good choice.

  • Nabi 2 ($200 dlls). I like this one. The spect are ok, and I like Fooz Kids University (for a price, but it look worthy). There is a chore list for kids that parents customized (I like that). Probably, it’s not the one for Mexican buyers, but it looks ok.

More info about kids and tablest, I found this awesome article: Is Total Gadget Inmersion Good or Bad for kids?

For more information on the topic, read the specialized blog about this:

Wait, this is a Teaching ideas blog! There is a teaching approach to this technology.

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