Pumpkin rally 2012

28 Nov

Rally is an interesting way to connect and have fun with students. It’s a physical and mental competition in teams.

I decided to make one for each grade throughout this school year 2012-2013. I made some posters for each classroom to invite and remind the rally. Printable here. The pumpkin rally was for 3rd graders in Halloween.

The questions were divided in 4 categories. One upper classmate in each station have a set of questions for each category.

There was a physical challenge to travel through each station. In the picture, the contestants have to run in zig-zag.

The students made the teams. I was at the finish line with the timer and also taking pictures.

They made a great effort. Questions were taken from Enlace test. Some were easy and other not. So, luck was very important.


At the end, there were only 5 teams that participated. I took into consideration the time and the number of correct answers.


As prize, a bag of candies and the winner picture. Next rally is the Turkey Rally. Stay tune!


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