Teaching Seriously Harms Your Health!!

25 Nov

Love this post and the worst part is that some doctors won’t give you sick days unless you are truly on your death bed. A pregnant teacher friend got a horrible cold and got not sick days and the worst part that being pregnant means NO flu and cold medication.

Reflections of a Neophyte Teacher

No, I didn’t get it wrong, it’s “teaching” not “smoking”. I really do have my reasons for this title.


Imagine a firefighter entering a suffocating burning building with no oxygen mask. Imagine a SWAT member carrying a weaponless attack on a group of Cocaine traffickers. Wouldn’t it be suicidal in both cases?

I guess it would.

Now, imagine a teacher working with a big a HUGE group of underachieving students who -despite of the fact that they are expected to read, write and speak in at least two languages – can’t form a simple sentence in their mother tongue, not to mention that some can’t even spell their names! Imagine that even when the teacher realized this, he thought he could still make a difference and have a positive influence on his students’ levels of achievement, as well as on their personal lives.

Well, this was me, and this…

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