Combining food and a 9-month saga… the food of the week

22 Nov

This school year I started working really hard and with tons of new ideas, but quickly I was getting tired and sleepy. So I got suspicious, and I went to the doctor to get a pregnancy test.

Yes, I am pregnant!

Once I realized I was pregnant with my second child, I got an idea. Instead of making a public announcement at the 4th month like with my first kid (mostly because my jeans weren’t fitting anymore), I decided to make my students guess a bit and learn about fruits and vegetables.

I found this app: I’m Expecting and website: which relate the size of the unborn baby with food to get an idea of the size without using a ruler. Quite cool!

I brought a poster to each classroom and each week I add a different fruit or vegetable. Each food represent the size of the baby that week.

To make it more intriguing. I made it a contest: Guess the hidden meaning of the poster before a date, and win a cupcake.

So far, no one has guessed but each week they ask about the new food. Yes, I haven’t told the news to them YET.

If you a pregnant teacher still keeping the secret, you could try it. I made a printable with 16 weeks (after conception date… the rest is up to you!) and a presentation that will showcase it at the end of the contest to tell the news. BE FREE to change the dates according to your status.

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