Moodle, my first one

12 Nov

Moodle is another excellent tool for teaching, especially for online courses.

What is it?

It’s a platform or system to manage courses online. (Video for better explanation)

The things I like of moodle are:

  • It’s open code, there is no commercial company. Any upgrade or new tool is made with love and unselfishness .
  • There are tons of resources made by anyone who gets the code.
  • I started using in at college, so it’s the first (you never forget your first one)
  • A lot of Universities use it.
  • You can download it free of charge.
  • You can make it your own with the plugins and themes.
  • There is a Diplomado which teaches MOODLE (it works for escalafon too)

Currently, moodle 2.0 is used with new features


The only bad thing that I have found is the need of SERVER.

If you are a poor teacher with little knowledge on servers, programming and stuff; it’s complicated. That’s why Universities use it, they have servers and server technicians and tons of computer experts.

If this appeal you and want to give it a try, there are three links to expand your knowledge:

Eventhough, I truly adore MOODLE. For poor teacher like me, there are other easier (server-free) tools like:

Both I mentioned in previous posts.

I don’t know when it happened… Well, I know but this is the post 100th… Thank you!

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