Weekly Kid’s Co-op…Sound and Shhh! A Word Game for Beginner Readers

08 Nov

These ideas are perfect. I am so talking into consideration for rhymes and tongue twisters this first unit.

Small Potatoes

“By words we learn thoughts, and by thoughts we learn life.” Jean Baptiste Girard

Getting boys interested in reading is sometimes a hefty task. I know this, because I have 3 boys of my own.  My smallest boy however, is proving my theory wrong. His appetite for words is insatiable. He will try to read anything you put in front of him and he’s only 5.  And I’m loving it.

Today at lunch we were talking about the letter J, and what might happen if we changed the first letter of all our names to J. The smalls thought this was pretty funny…especially when they realized Rain’s name became Jain!

When the wee ones went for naps, I decided to carry our lunch conversation over into the afternoon and make a game of it. I prepared some “word mats” with 12×12 scrapbook paper by writing 3 simple words on them. I…

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