Why you need to have a Google account!

05 Nov

For years, I felt proud for having a Yahoo email account.

Then, I switched to Hotmail because for a while everybody used it (pretty much like having a Telcel cellphone). I love the features of profile, Messenger and Skydrive, but it’s a bit slow. It takes a while to the page to respond. Though, it’s improving.

This year, I bought my nook. The operating system is Android, so for some apps you need a Google account. I had to surrender and sign up.

After 3/4 year using my Google account, I am starting to forget my Hotmail account.

My google account has more features that I can use for teaching or my entertainment:

  • Play, it’s for my management of my apps and new apps on my android device.
  • Youtube, I have a channel (nothing in it) and subscriptions, and more suggestions according to my preferences and history.
  • Drive (aka Docs), it’s having your Skydrive or Dropbox and MS Office in one. You can upload and manage files and create new ones. I love the Forms, very handy. Also, your can share the docs for collaborative work. If you are using Edmodo, you can link your Library with your Drive account.
  • Gmail, your regular email with contacts, new, received, sends, etc. also chat and videochat.
  • Calendar, I just started using it and I like the labels and colors for different calendars like personal, work, videogames release dates, etc.

Of course, there are many more like Shopping, Maps, Translate, Books, etc. However, these are the one that I use the most..

What I am saying? Get your Gmail account now.

If you are still doubtful, I recommend you to read my classroom technology blogger (personal hero): Mr. Patrick Cauley.

After reading this, I am thinking abour forgetting about Dropbox. (Kidding!)

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