Rhymes… where?

25 Sep

One of the units for 2nd cycle is about songs and rhymes. The students identify rhymes, stanzas and verses, also sing and hopefully do some songwriting.

You can’t never go wrong with nursery rhymes. Although I don’t get them, they are classics. There are plenty of websites with activities for them, music and lyrics, video,

Sometimes we got stuck and this song really motivates.

To write rhymes I found this awesome and easy website: where you only need imagination, choosing your word and get the rhyming words to select. It’s very simple and you can save as a TXT file, copy to paste elsewhere or print it.

To complement, I did mentioned this before with a post name: Songs for Unit 1

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Posted by on September 25, 2012 in 2nd cycle


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One response to “Rhymes… where?

  1. Aimara

    September 25, 2012 at 10:24 am

    Ale you make teaching seems very easy! Thanks a lot for this ideas and resources!! 😀


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