Literary texts in Secondary… where to start?

23 Sep

Even though, Internet is full of words (literacy)… sometimes there is a lot and it’s easy to get overwhelm.

In Secondary, the new syllabus manages that our students already had 7 years of English instruction before us… in reality, it’s far from true. Only 1/3 of my students had elementary English class.

The social practice is to Read and Understand Different Types of Literary texts from English-speaking countries.

The specific competences are:

  • Read classic tales and write a short story based on them (1st grade)
  • Read fantasy literature and describe characters (2nd grade)
  • Read suspense literature and describe moods (3rd grade)

The big questions are: Which one is suitable for my students? Which one are they going to like? I don’t have a magic formula, but I do have ideas.

Links to great literary websites:

  • Starfall. This website is more for younger students but the language is simple with short sentences and full of illustrations.

  • This one is a personal favorite, I am fanfic junkie. In this website, you will find a database of stories written by anyone based on movies, books, cartoons, etc. You can narrow down the genre, lenght, character, rating, completed or in-progress.

  • Once, I found a super cool suspense story name: The Yellow Ribbon… Totally recommend it and if you tell the story super dramaticly with a doll wearing a yellow ribbon. I do promise a lot of Ahhhh!!! in the end.

If you like doing your material, a friend from EdoMex blogged about this one: Book Maker for Kids!.

I have been fooling around with it and really looks promising…

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