This is Mexican Independence Week

10 Sep

This Saturday, pretty much everybody will be at the local square to celebrate our Independence 202 years ago. Fireworks and mexican food is a must these days.

Even in school, this week is all about Mexico and our Mexican Heroes. I won’t talk about History, we already know it. If you don’t, google it!!!

As EFL teacher, we may not have a lot of activities about this because it’s not an English-speaking country holiday. HOWEVER, as language teachers we cannot miss the oportunities to play with language and have some fun.


I made a printable for my school from something I found on Internet last year. I really don’t know where did I find it. REALLY!!!

The idea is to take the fingerpuppets and make any activity you want:

  • Create a new identity using historical references.
  • Make a play using as much English as possible, or use only the English/American accent (weird but laughable)
  • Review clothes.


Doing some googling, I found this blog about Preschool name Educacion Prescolar and it’s posted a link to puppets really cute.

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