DIY Cheap dry eraser board

03 Sep

Last year, I bought these cheap mini whiteboards (4 x 1 dll) at Target. I regret not buying more.

So, I decided to look online for more cheap dry eraser boards to use for two main objectives.

  • Writing and spelling
  • Some silence.

I encontered with diy (do it yourself) website using CD cases, and below it was a related article using contact paper.

Inmediately, I took a CD case which I was going to throw out anyway, some contact paper, scissors, cardboard, dry eraser marker and stapler (it was experiment time)

Experiment 1

CD case: I put a white sheet of paper inside the CD case and just write on the plastic surface and erase it.

The writing look great but I couldn’t erase it.

Not good results.

Experiment 2

The article said to use the left out contact paper and paste it on a surface. That’s what I did.

The writing and erasing went smoothly but since that part has a print behind it doesn’t look great.

OK results

Experiment 3

Since I had to peel off the contact paper anyway for the previous experiment, I used the sticky part to paste it on a piece of white cardboard.

The writing and erasing is good. The white color makes it look great.

Very happy results.

It’s a cheap way to make something for everyday class and in any size and carry on.

The trick to every dry eraser board or whiteboard is always erase after use it. It gets stain if you left it used for away. Alcohol helps very well to clean a dirty whiteboard. Cloralex works very good too.

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