PNIEB updates… IV Reunion Nacional

27 Aug

Last month, the fourth national reunion happened (I was on vacations).

In the PNIEB webpage, there are two files of the reunion: Acuerdos and a ZIP FILE.

You can read the whole thing by yourself OR read my super brief summary.

In the Acuerdos files, there are a couple of things for this upcoming school year:

  • Book budget and book distribution to organize.
  • Trial of Secondary book (HURRAY!!!)
  • Release of PNIEB repord card as OPTIONAL depending of the state.

In the ZIP file, there a couple of interesting thing such as…

  • Some test results on students. They did OK, actually better that I thought.
  • Also some graphics about our teaching profile. Not so good.
  • PNIEB in secondary is still on TRIAL, official and general next year 2013-2014.
  • In Sonora, textbooks for 102 preschool, 657 elementary and 117 secondaries. (please mine). Books to arrive by mid-September to mid-October
  • Publishers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle are Ediciones SM, Esfinge, Fernández Editores, Heinle Cengage Learning, Macmillan Publishers, Macmillan Publishers (Kites 1), Nuevo México, Pearson Educación, Richmond Publishing, Santillana, Trillas and University of Dayton Publishing
  • Publishers for 4th cycle are Ediciones Castillo, Macmillan Publishers, Richmond Publishing, Santillana and University of Dayton Publishing.
  • In this summer training course, 54% were elementary teachers. They went to different American universities for a month. I applied in 2010 and I was not selected. (OMG!!! I should have applied this year)
  • According the results of CENNI ESCOLAR, very STANDARD (A and B) in preschool and elementary.
  • There are very interesting results about the publisher books in detail from some states and in general. MUST READ Dic 20 – Reporte de Ana¦ülisis de Paquetes Dida¦ücticos por las Coordinaciones Estatales.pdf
  • Those who know about PETE/PAT, PNIEB can be included in the programs. Check it out at 07 PEC-PNIEB 2012.ppt

Truly, there is a lot of information. I just mentioned the ones I want to share.


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3 responses to “PNIEB updates… IV Reunion Nacional

  1. Aimara

    August 27, 2012 at 6:25 am

    Un par de dudas:
    Si el PNIEB sera generalizado para el prox cilco, entonces esta bien que no lo aplique al 100% este año, supongo.
    En donde aplicas para los cursos de verano??

  2. Aimara

    August 28, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    Gracias Ale y si te entiendo… yo la verdad ya empeze a planear con el PNIEB para segundo de secu… a ver que tal me va… y para primero, estoy dando los temas del 2006 🙂 todo un chilaquil :s a ver que resulta.\


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