Concurso Nacional 2012… results in SONORA

13 Aug

Last week, the assignations of new teachers and new hours or plazas for old teachers ended in Sonora, without many surprises.

I was right with the results. I knew there would be a few job posts (bread crumps) in Sonora and for the subject.

I prefered going on vacations that presenting the test this year.

The available places were:

For Secundarias Tecnicas old teachers:

  • 15 hours in Bacerac
  • 18 hours in Nogales

For Secundarias Tecnicas new teachers:

  • 15 hours in Imuris
  • 12 hours in Caborca
  • 15, 15 and 18 hours in Nogales

For Secundarias Federales old teachers:

  • 12 hours in San Luis Rio Colorado
  • 24 hours in Nogales
  • 18 hours in Obregon
  • 12 hours in Hermosillo (they could be mine)
  • 6 hours in Cananea

For Secundaria Federales new teachers:

  • 9 hours in Alamos

Total lucky ones in ENGLISH for SECUNDARY:

  • 7 old teachers for 56 who passed the test.
  • 6 new teachers from 81 who passed the test.

NOTE: I don’t know if all the teachers who passed the national test, they DID approve the state test and dopping test.

I regret it a little because they posted 12 hours in the secondary where my siblings attended. (%#$&$#%) That was the only highlight but I need it the first place to obtain them.

At least, there were packs for mininum 6 hours. (still stuck with 3). There were a lot in Nogales, that could be nice… but finally I am in my town and I don´t want to move again.

Best luck next year! and Congratulations to those who got a good place and obtained job security this year and many more years!


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2 responses to “Concurso Nacional 2012… results in SONORA

  1. julieta rocha

    August 13, 2012 at 7:59 am

    Well lucky them! my only pray is that you obtain what you need in your own place, cheers!


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