Social Networking, electricity unrequired

02 Jul

Social networks are in every thing. The presidential elections are being viewed online and it is possible to know instantly what is going on by twitter, youtube, facebook, ustream, etc.

How to make the four-walls classroom with a lot of technological deficiencies (the board rules) being interesting?

It’s impossible when your computer lab (aula de medios) doesn’t have Internet, electricity or the equipment is stolen. The video projector is broken or inexistent, or you forget to scheduled it.

2 ideas (Please comment to add more)

  • Last summer, a teacher gave me a great idea to make students write. Take the elements of Facebook adding a picture and let the students comment the picture. Remark to use constructive comments. Printable here.
  • Twitter has to be more challanging because of the limitation of 150 letters, like a cellphone text message. You could pick a hashtag (Ex. #QuieroSaberdeCiencias) and the students write in 1-2 lines. Printable here.

Beware and create an anti-bullying environment for the comments.

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