End of school year… PNIEB and overall

20 Jun

Today, officially ends the school year 2011-2012 in Sonora (Sorry others states, see ya in two or three weeks)

This year was a change of routines, teaching ideas and programs, not only for English for all subjects.

Last school year, the PNIEB program started like a pilot with the help of a couple of teachers in Sonora. They struggled with the paycheck for some time. Nothing serious if we compare other states. It was a try-out for what was coming.

At the beginning of this year, the rest of the english public primary school teachers started with the new syllabus and back to 3 hours per week. (Not me, still with 2)

I was shocked and confused at the beginning like a lot others. (PRETTY MUCH EVERYBODY) It was pretty much start from scratch without a publisher’s book.

As a hard-working teacher, I grabed the bull by the horns and do it.

From December to February, the books arrived and helped a lot to plan better. It’s easier to grab the book and go by it. Let’s face it. (I didn’t get them, but I am happy for the rest.)


The end of the year, I feel:

  • The syllabus needs some twitches and cuts here and there. There will be retouching, of course… I don’t think this is the final version.
  • The publishers’ books needs pollishment too.
  • Teachers need more pollishment too, I feel like I barely made it.
  • A bit eager to start designing… I will try to use my vacations to improve my material, at least in Secondary (no new book for the new syllabus)… Wait for it!
  • Relieved that the school year ends. It’s sooo hot outsite. Almost unbearable.

Happy summer vacations!!!!!

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