Edmood VS Schoology, part 1

13 Jun

Previously, I have posted about these two excelents social networks aimed for education: Schoology and Edmodo.

Today is the breakdown both websites.

I made a checklist and checked by using teacher, student and parents accounts that I made to use both websites.

Sign up

Question? Edmodo Schoology
Do students need code? ü ü
Do teachers need code? X X
Do parents need code? ü ü
Do you need your email address to sign up? ü p & t ü p & t
Do you need email confirmation? X X
Do you pay to sign up? X X
Can you use #$%.-_ symbols in the username? X X


Question? Edmodo Schoology
Can you upload a profile photo? ü ü
Does it have a gallery of avatars? ü ü
Can you write your bio info like hobbies? X ü
Can you write a personal description? X ü
Can you add a quote? ü X
Can a student establish his/her learning style? ü X

Posts and messages

Question? Edmodo Schoology
Can you post on anyone in your network? ü X
Can you post to anyone outsite your network? X X
Can you send messages to anyone in your network? X ü
Can you send messages to anyone outsite your newtwork? X X
Can you attach files or links to posts? ü ü
Can a teacher edit or delete students’ posts? ü X
Can you comments posts? ü X
Can you LIKE post? X X
XCan you share others people’s posts? X X
Can you erase or edit posts after posting? ü ü
Can you tag posts? ü X
Can you edit your posts as private? X ü
Can a parent comments child’s post? X
Can a parent see child’s posts? ü ü


Question? Edmodo Schoology
Can a student create a group? X X
Do you need a group code? ü ü
Can you invite people to group if you are not the group creator? X X
Can you edit the settings of the group? ü X

If I made any mistake because I couldn’t find something or couldn’t do. Or I need to add more questions… Please send me a comment to make changes.

It’s necessary so next post is the second part…


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3 responses to “Edmood VS Schoology, part 1

  1. Melanie

    June 13, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    Not familiar with Schoology but the Edmodo list looks correct. I am a big fan of Edmodo which we started last year. Unfortunately, the population I work with has limited computer access at home so it was mainly used by about half of my students. I still plan on using it because it is one way to meet the needs of some of my learners.

    • Teacher Ale

      June 13, 2012 at 4:08 pm

      Thanks for sharing… I like both but it think in the end it depends of yours and your students’ needs


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