Free School Uniforms

11 Jun

Since the beginning of the administration of our governor Guillermo Padres, every basic education student has a set of uniform totally free.

The set includes a shirt, skirt or pants, cardigan and socks (only girls).

These clothes are given in the school by the principal and teachers, pretty much like textbooks.

After two years of seeing those uniforms, I can say without doubt:

  • The colors are ugly, except preschool.
  • The sewing and design is less that ok, according to one Dress Industry Technology teacher I worked with.
  • It creates a problem of logistics. All kids with the same uniform. You cannot differenciate one kid from one school to another.
  • It creates more work to already overworked principal and teachers.
  • It’s free so we can’t really complain. We are not paying at least $ 200 in uniform for each son or daughter.

It’s great to have free uniforms. It’s a big help in each household.


I wonder with a lot of fear what will happen when the governor term ends.

  • Will the next governor continue giving uniforms?
  • Will the state debt increase by tons of millions of pesos?
  • Who will pay for those not so-cute uniform in the end?
  • Who is gaining money in this?

I hope it doesn’t blow on our faces and the citizens don’t pay a high price for it.

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One response to “Free School Uniforms

  1. Olivia Rascon

    June 12, 2012 at 10:01 am

    As a parent of two students, it really doesn´t help, because they only give you one set of uniform. The fabric looks and feels like carton, stains really easy and have to iron every time is been washed. Dust sticks to it like sugar to donuts is like an attraction. More work for me as a mom, and still I have to buy at least other two sets. Otherwise I will be on the lavadero every night, Socks never got them.


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