Waiting for PNIEB job post (plaza)… 7 years for me

09 Jun

We all know that we are working hard with love and preparation (lots of planning and activities each day)

I started working at 2005 (long time before PNIEB) although it hasn’t changed that much with the new syllabus. I don’t complain. It has been a wonderful experience and I won’t change a thing (maybe a couple of troublemaker students).

After 7 long and incredible years, I am and we are still like building workers aka albañiles (only paycheck and without social security, Christmas bonus, teacher’s day bonus and other bonus… ok, in Tamaulipas have Seguro Popular). At least in Sonora, our paycheck is paid with minimal delay meanwhile in some states, they strugle so hard and for months for the needy and rewarding paycheck.

According to several documents extracted from PNIEB official website, something is happening:

In ZIP file of the first day during the Primera Reunión Nacional de Avances y Seguimiento del PNIEB, there is PPT named 02 Avances PNIEB 2010-2011 VF. In slide 11 is shows the analysis of the CLAVE PRESUPUESTAL. (OCTOBER 2009)

In the same ZIP, there is another PPT file named 05 Recorrido histórico CONAEDU20 VF which in slide 13 talks about the consideration of creating the posts. (OCTOBER 2009)

In slide 27 same file, it’s about the secondary English teachers could work on preschool and elementary. (Hurray for me!)

In the documents section for Primera Reunión Nacional de Información Estratégica PNIEB, there is a zip file named Primer dia de Trabajo. In the first PPT file named 1. Presentación Reunión Nacional in slide 36 it’s presenting the consideration of the PLAZA. (NOVEMBER 2009)

In the same Reunion on the second day in their zip file. There a PPT file named 1. Presentación Información Financiera in which slide 13 show the possible paycheck amount. NOTE: It’s pretty much the same idea that the first slide I show above, but with $.

There hasn’t been more since 2009 but…

In 2010 in the Concurso Nacional para el Otorgamiento de Plazas Docentes 2010-2011, Distrito Federal published to contest the first posts for preschool and elementary both for in-service and new teachers. I had to cut and paste a little bit to obtain the important information of the documents.

In-service teachers

New teachers

What??? DF did it again next year (last year) 2011-2012 for in-service and new teachers.  I had to cut and paste a little bit to obtain the important information of the documents.

In-service teachers (Sad, no hours for them)

New teachers (A lot for them)

I think DF will do again this year, we have to wait to next week to find out... Check next week the release of Concurso Nacional para el Otorgamiento de Plazas de Maestros.

Why I am not a chilanga???

I know for a fact that the “basification” is coming, but When? Who? and How? are the BIG questions. My state is doing barely better that other states. Still it isn’t fair after so long… Do I really have to move to DF to get some paid vacations, maternity or sickness leave  and daycare?

This week is the end-of-year reunion in my state. I CAN ONLY hope for good news.,,, 

Today, I turn 29… so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.


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8 responses to “Waiting for PNIEB job post (plaza)… 7 years for me

  1. Ruth Salinas

    June 9, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Thanks for the post and wonderful analysis!!!!!!!

  2. Mónica Martínez

    June 10, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Hi Ale!
    So you mean you don’t have a plaza nor horas de base? That sucks! Do you only teach pnieb? By the way, happy birthday!

    • Teacher Ale

      June 10, 2012 at 3:05 pm

      Tambien tengo de secundaria pero lo fuerte es en Primaria y tambien es lo que tengo mas tiempo haciendo.

  3. carolina Sotelo

    June 11, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    happy birthday ale 😀 from your classmate (sat. classes! hellouu :D) carolina

  4. Teacher Ale

    June 13, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    UPDATE: June 12, Nothing new came out of the end-of-the-year reunion, still working like building workers aka albañiles… SUPER SAD


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