Schoology – Another social network for education

07 Jun

Last week, I posted about Edmodo and by doing some research on forums for EDMODO, I found out that there is another (actually a couple more).

Today I am going to talk about Schoology.

This one too has 5 stars top quality recommendation.


  • It’s free.
  • It’s looks a little bit like facebook.
  • It’s intuitive.
  • It’s for managment of class, so education only.
  • It has a calendar por personal and class purposes.
  • You can import data from other platforms like MOODLE and BLACKBOARD

For teachers

  • You generate a class code to give students to access.
  • You can post assigments, quizzes, pages, files, links, discussions (like chat), albums and sync GOOGLE DOCS.
  • You have a gradebook.
  • You can see stats of views and grades.
  • Even, you have a personal blog within the social network.
  • You can create groups like in Facebook.
  • You have notifications, requests and inbox.
  • You CAN take ATTENDANCE (Super cool!!!)
  • You can manage groups and enrolled students, see their profiles and send them messages.
  • You can preview the class from the student’s point of view.
  • You can use a math equation maker like in Word (quite cool)

For students

  • You need the class code to sign up.
  • You can participate in discussions; do the assigments and quizzes; and see files, links, pages, albums and Google docs in Resources.
  • You can see your grades and attendance, even download a report of them.
  • You can send messages like normal email.
  • You can see the class calendar and add some notes for your personal events.

For parents

  • You have a code generated for the teacher to sign up.
  • You can add another children into your account using the codes given by the teachers.
  • You can see the grades, attendance, profile, assigments and calendar of your kids.
  • You can send messages to the teachers.


  • It looks like there are no apps or games.
  • For some students, they will be against since there are no apps, but the chatting is ok.
  • There are no posting like in Facebook

It’s another great tool to try on during the summer. Next week, I will post the fight between these great teaching tools.


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