Killing my buzz… Nook, I still love you, but I like another tablet too

03 Jun

Last April, Samsung released a cool new tablet to enter the war of 7 inches, at a beautiful retail price of $250 dlls: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″.

It’s beautiful. Now, I know how people feel when considering cheating. I mean I totally love my Nook tablet eventhough I had to root it and probably damage the warranty. I love the design, the color and it is mine.

However, this new Galaxy Tab is just making wondering my feelings.

The specifications are pretty much the same; except for the camera which Nook Tablet doesn’t have. I could Skype with my brother.

It’s quite better that my Nook because I don’t have to make some dirty things to get Google Play, or Amazon Appstore. It’s more adecuate for Mexican buyers which don’t want ties with Barnes & Noble and the geographical issues.

Also, Galaxy Tab is using the new Operating System Android™ 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich which sounds more tasty that Gingerbread (Operating System Android™ 2.3)

To make me feel even worse, there a lot of reviews outhere saying that my Nook is old news like by Gottabemobile and CareAce.

I really considering murdering my Nook (making it look like an accident), cash out the insurance and get the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2… I think I will wait until Turkey Day for discounts and news. How knows? Maybe a new tablet will arrive to question my heart.

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One response to “Killing my buzz… Nook, I still love you, but I like another tablet too

  1. Brian

    June 4, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    Aww, don’t feel too bad Teacher Ale, the Nook Tablet is still a great device! If you want to get more functionality out of it, try rooting it so you can have access to the Android/Google Play market! -Brian from


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