Social Networking for Education… Say hello to Edmodo

01 Jun

Last month (last week), I reblogged about an article from Techland “The Best Social Networks for Kids under 13“.

I checked the recommendation for Education:

I totally recommended. It’s has 5 star approval.


  • Education only.
  • Free.
  • It’s sync to GOOGLE DOCS
  • It has a calendar with the deadlines and everything you want to post it.
  • It’s looks like facebook.
  • Super intuitive

  • As teacher you can make alerts, posts, quizzes, polls, assignments and libraries of videos or other files for students to see and use. Don’t forget to upload your profile photo.
  • Also you can grade online and even give them badges like Student of the Month and such. Also you can create and manage the classes and remove lost students.
  • To add students for your classes, you have to give them a class code. So, there should not be lost students.

  • As a student, you can do the quizzes, polls, assignments and posts. You have like a library for media called Backpack.
  • In the student profile, you can upload a photo or choose one from the gallery, choose your learning style (hands on, listening and visually), add a famous quote and your career goal.
  • You need the class code to register to a class, even to sign up the first time.

  • As a parent, you need a parent code given to the student. You need it to sign up and you can add all your children.
  • You can see their grades, assignments, deadlines, upcoming events and comments on assignments.
  • You can see your child’s profile and teachers’ profiles of your child.


  • There is no chat really. To make a conversation you have to reply comments.
  • There are no games or apps…. unless you pay. You need an invitation first which I don’t know where to get it… Probably, only available for USA. I see them in the help section but I haven’t been able to access to the apps section. However, there is a Partners section with a list of the companies involved and prices.
  • I don’t know if the secondary students accept it completely. They are in very picky age.

I know we are at the end of the school year, but we have all summer to try on this social network. I am thinking about using it at least with one group as a trial.

Still with doubts. Check the manual made by a blog focused on technology and education.


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