Keep us sane

22 May

As a english teacher in a mexican public elementary school, sometimes it’s hard to get up in the morning.

  • Sometimes, our students are more difficult that yesterday.
  • Sometimes, the grade teachers and principals are not exactly our favorite people in the school.
  • And just sometimes some parents have some personal vendetta against us without a good reason.

This hell May-June weather doesn’t help at all… neither graduation and end of school year. Kids go crazy these days!!!

What can we do?

It’s an answer to find within oneself.

During the years, I have seen some ideas to keep it us on the sane side.

  • Singing
  • Reading
  • Blogging
  • Art projects
  • Breathing (probably the most important one)
  • Retrieve to calm down
  • Knitting
  • Truly enjoy the vacations

I know is not exactly the answer but it helps to know:

You are not the only one with difficult students, coworkers, principals and parents.

Everybody feels helpless once in a while.

Breath and breath again.

Find something to keep you sane and do it regularlly.

Love and Peace these hot-tempered days.

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