Celebrating 500 visits + 15 more

22 May

Since one cool morning back in February (10th) this year until this pretty and pretty warm day of today May 22, 2012 at 6:20 PM (Hermosillo Local Time), I have been able to collect 500+15 visits!!!!

I am so happy!!!!

Thank you everybody who follows this blog: bloggers, the clickers on facebook and twitter, and lucky ones to find it through google search!!!!

Thank you really!!!

I will reward a lucky person when the blog hits de 1000 visits. Wait for it!!!!…. if the currently economy allows it and within the Mexico frontiers.

Summary so far:

  • THE MOST VISITED: The home page by 204 visits
  • THE BUSIEST DAY: May 22, 2012 with 58 visits (TODAY)
  • THE MOST USED SEARCH TERM ON GOOGLE: school bullying, and pnieb spelling bee list 6th grade 2012
  • THE LESS VISITORS COUNTRIES:Colombia, Republic of Korea, Portugal, Belize, Malasya, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador (1 visit each)

What can I say?

I am doing something right…. I shall continue with the good vibe and energy posting interesting things and printable for us PNIEB teachers in Mexico.

Today is a milestone.

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