Draw something

11 May

This totally cool app for Android and ipad/iphone by OMGPOP is making a statement about entertainment, simple and artistic fun.

This app is like Pictonary when you draw a word for other to guess. The goal is to collect coins to buy more colors. For starters, you get red, blue, yellow and black. Also, you can buy other items like bombs to erase unwanted letters to guess.

It really addictic. As teachers it helps us to release our artist inside and review words than can help us at daily basis like clown, lion, eel, wedding, so on.

However BE careful with the addiction.

A friend posted on facebook an article of bad consequences of this app and the irresponsability of mexican politicians. Totally you must read the article. Please, teacher learn from this. Please, student don’t do it.

I found out about this app by another blog. Check the link with the best drawings at Draw Something according to

Note: THIS GAME IS SO HUGE THAT ZYGNA (Farmville, Treasure Island, Cityville and more Facebook games) BOUGHT It back in March.

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