05 May

I totally forgot about Easter activities this year… Kidding! Well, I forgot to post them. Like we say in Mexico “Better later that never”.

This year, I started with a explanation about Easter with some facts like:

  • The date changes a lot, since the first council of Nicaea back 325 AC. The rule is: after spring equinox, one full moon, and the next Sunday is Easter.
  • The Egg means new life and resurrection.
  • The Hare/Rabbit means fertiliy and spring.

Since I wanted to go easy this year, I made 2 very easy and cheap activities:

  • Bunny Ears. I took the idea from this awesome crafts website. I cut Cartulina like in 8 long pieces and 8 rectangular pieces each, let them make the ears and color them. I just stapled them.
  • Easter Eggs. Also, very easy. They drew and colored the eggs. I just pasted on the wall and made the basket with some tape.

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Posted by on May 5, 2012 in 2nd cycle, 3rd cycle


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