Amelia Bedelia

20 Apr

The Amelia Bedelia Series is an American classic. This books is from the reading stage: I Can Read it All by Myself.

I love the first one. The others are good too, in this link there is one of the newer books

Amelia Bedelia is a maid in a new house working for Mr. And Mrs. Rogers. She is still learning English, so she makes a lot of mistakes with language.

For example: Mrs. Rogers asked her to draw the drapes. Amelia Bedelia took a notepad and pencil and make a drawing of the drapes.

These books are excellent for our students for 3 reasons:

  • Laugh a lot of the silliness of the situations.
  • Students learn that words have different meanings,(homonyms) and idioms.
  • Realize that everybody makes mistakes and that’s ok. Nobody is perfect.

Note: the first books were written a long time ago, so some expressions are very old-fasholioned. However, there are newer book made the offsprings of the original team and I think with more current idioms

Note: I found this cool video of one book in Spanish, quite funny.

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