The bad outcome of bullying… Chardon High School Shooting and other horror stories

27 Feb

Today, at the news around the world are showing the tragic story of a high school shooting at Ohio, USA. A bullied boy named T.J. Lane (who until this moment) killed 2 and injured 3, according to Daily Mail UK. The brave action of a teacher who chased the shooter, and more headlines.

Thankfully in our country due to our weapons laws, guns are not soooo easy to get.

After each tragedy like this, questions and debates around bullying and weapons emerge. Already Yahoo has posted a commentary by Paul Rados with this topic.

 Education is the key some say. Improve weapons laws too… overall, violence in school will be the topic of the week. Another blog already is making a psychological profile of this shooting and commenting about violence.

Doing some Googling, I have found some interesting links about like that can be used to approach bullying with 6th graders and all grades in general. Just general information.

  • The tragedy in Columbine was a media circus and after 10 years, USA Today posted an interesting article about what really happened after the dust cleared.
  • A mapping of school violence posted by USA Today where it show an interactive map with the location of the school tragedies during the last 3 decades.

Violence is never the key.

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