21 Feb

Today, I was finally checking out the choices for the next year secondary textbooks…. I’m in shock. No new curriculum textbooks. Check the webpage.

How come the authorities demand the teachers to switch to the PNIEB without textbooks choices or vat least A TEXTBOOK.? One textbook choice wouldn’t hurt.

I totally understand the switch during the middle of the school year without previous warning. Specially without a list of resources to use or at least a unit example. (SUPER BIG IRONY SIGN).

I was hoping like many other teachers across the country to use brand new textbook this August… Well, that isn’t gonna happen apparently…

Thankfully (we could say that), I found a resource book that it could help us in this time of need.

Thank you, Internet God: google.

It seems affortable and I think is worth checking it out at least. It’s called Paso a paso… PNIEB. The link is this.

Someone buy it and review it… Better send me ine copy ji ji ji


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5 responses to “PNIEB and CONALITEG


    October 10, 2015 at 6:44 am

    well, all that you mention it is reallly thruth we are working with this program PNIEB in veracruz and i’m working with third grade and it’s a big challenger some students response with this plan as good as they want more but they are only about 10 % of every group and i work with the rest and i m trying to be aware with them. because they don’t work with the 700 hundreds hours that the PNIEB program propouse in the garden and elementary school. but…. we still work with this New PNIEB program and we continuos to be lucky we are students. i wish you my best for all the great teachers…


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