Bullying songs

20 Feb

For 6th graders, right now this Unit 3 is talking about a school-related topic and how to solve it.

I have the oportunity to check out new publisher books for the Pnieb program (I don’t have in my school, sniff sniff) and I realized that at least 3 publisher aproached this project by bullying.

Since I didn’t want to get involved in copyright issues, I had to get creative soooo I found this page full of anti-bullying songs. I choose

  1. Mean” by Taylor Swift
  2. Welcome to my Life” by Simple plan
  3. F* perfect” by Pink 
  4. Sing” by Chemical Romance (Glee Version – it’s just sounds better) 
  5. Don’t laugh at me” by Baby Jay

Result of this songs with my students: well, they liked the songs but I only used 3, it was maybe a bit too much in one class, next time one per class.

Also there is great information at Stop Bullying

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