Nook tablet in Mexico

13 Feb

Last week, I bought my Nook Tablet and after one week of playing with it, I can say I am very pleased about my purchase.

After watching and reading reviews between Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire, I went for Barnes and Noble for these reasons:

  • It’s faster than Fire, twice RAM.
  • After watching a video about dropping them, I realized that the weird frame of Nook is quite helpful to survive accidental drops.
  • The SD card slot, I hate depending on any kind of CLOUD, less paying for it if I want more storage.
  • The possibility of buying in this side of the border using my credit card or gift card. (Applications are a little bit trickier)
  • The easier rooting, that’s what I read. I haven’t done it yet, my husband did and he is quite pleased.
  • More children’s book (a little expensive by the way)
  • PDF files look great.
  • Netflix runs quite smoothly
  • I got a great price after using BEST BUY STORE CREDIT. Why? I get the credit by using the insurance of my damaged Kindle Keyboard and got $157 dlls back. Awesome!!! I paid like half of Nook (taxes and insurance included)

Very happy indeed, but I wished for the Fire once because it has tons of free applications like 3000 in Amazon App Store.


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2 responses to “Nook tablet in Mexico

  1. John Patrick

    March 9, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    I live in Mexico and want to buy a Nook. Cannot seem to find them here. your post “Nook in Mexico,” implies que lo compraste aqui en Mexico. Digame! Donde?


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