Songs for Unit 1

12 Feb

It’s a big issue thinking about the perfect song for students that they like and it’s helpful for our goals.

I am never saying that “It’s my way or the highway” (Rolling – Limp Bizkit). This is just songs that I tried and it kind of worked.

  • All I want is you by Barry Louis Polisar. Famous for the Beginning Credits of the movie JUNO. It worked because it’s full of rhymes, stanzas, verses and it’s kind of funny. However, it feels too long, eventhough it’s quite short.
  • I’m a beliver by Smash Mouth. Famous for ending credits of SHREK. It worked for enjoyment and see the opposite of a clear structure lyric. Just to have fun. Kids know it obviously. Everybody have seen Shrek.
  • Since Halloween was near, the very famous opening credits song of NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS  “This is Halloween“. This was totally for fun and to talk about Halloween stuff.
  • Another Pumpkin related song is Pumpkin, Pumpkin song. My students really like it and it was useful to review harvest and Halloween vocabulary. Thank you to DLTK pages



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